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Keyword Research Mar 13, 2007

The HitTail premium service is rapidly approaching. But don’t worry. HitTail as you know it today will remain a free public service to bloggers everywhere seeking to amplify their voice in the noisy Web.

We will reserve announcement of the detailed feature list until closely before release. But there is one I want to talk about today in order to get you thinking about why and how HitTail works so well…

Keywords Forever.

Such simple words, and so much competitive advantage for HitTail users. This is the fundamental reason we’re a writing a long tail keyword tool, and not an analytics package. We record the keywords that have lead to your site–forever. And this makes other features of HitTail (like the writing suggestions) all the more powerful.

That’s right. We have a growing list of keywords for each website using HitTail. And this long keyword list begins to act as a uniqueness filter. By this, we mean that we use the old list to filter the new list. That’s why the keyword tab works like a first-time keyword radar system. We can tell the first time a particular keyword combination has led to your site–ever! (or at least since you’ve installed the HitTail code)…

And that’s REALLY cool.

This sounds somewhat simple, but it makes all the difference in the world. No other service that I know of keeps the list of keywords leading to your site forever, so that you might zero in on the new words most quickly. The new keywords under the keywords tab are filtered based on all the words that have led to your site in the past. So everything there is TRULY new, and is keyword gold ore. That keyword gold ore is where the HitTail algorithms kick in and refine keyword gold–in the form of writing suggestions. So, everything you’re looking at is new, and not the tired old stuff that you’ve looked at in your analytics software for years.

So when we say “Keywords Forever”, we’re talking about our ability to warehouse every keyword that ever led to your site, and use it as a real-time filter for new hits coming in. It’s sometimes hard to wrap your mind around, but this saves you incredible amounts of time in your keyword research.

When choosing an analytics-like tool for deriving blog writing suggestions and alleviating writer’s block, be sure to check if it’s got the Keywords Forever feature, because without it, you’re going to be considering the same terms over and over. We de-duplicate these terms early on, and respect your time.

While we will be attempting to preserve the Keywords Forever feature for our free users, we can assure it for our premium users. It’s a subtle difference, but it definitely provides a one-of-a-kind advantage to online marketers worldwide.

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    Hi Mike

    Really looking forward to the Hittail upgrade – how do you actually become a premium user? (Am i being thick?) I’ve only ever found a way to sign up to a free account. Nonetheless it’s great to hear that those accounts may enjoy new features too, but if more can be done i want to know how!

    I’ve been a big fan of Hittail for awhile and i think i use it in ways that you might find really interesting and exciting. Would love to get your views on what i’m up to.

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