Web 2.0 Startup Advice from Squidoo

ML Mar 15, 2007

Seth Godin, prolific business writer, author of Purple Cow, and founder of Squidoo blogged today a series of tips that will be useful for HitTail Squidoo lens, or anyone starting a Web 2.0 startup. It’s interesting advice, especially the one about Business Development. I guess the role that partnerships may play varies depending on the nature of the product. I see many opportunities for HitTail licensing agreements, and for it to be built into other products–especially in products like MySpace and Squidoo, where the developers shut their users out of the third-party analytics game by choosing directory-based homepages (squidoo.com/hittail) , instead of the more friendly subdomain-based homepages (hittail.squidoo.com). But with a partnership, HitTail could offer its services to Squidoo, MySpace and others, making licensing and partnerships an important area for us to investigate.

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