How do I get more traffic to my website?

HitTail Best Practices Mar 21, 2007

While a similar question to “how do I get more traffic to my blog”, it’s actually a bit more complex. Blogs are rigged to do well in search. They automatically inter-link pages correctly. They ping-announce their new content. They put key search phrases in the web address. They provide RSS feeds. There’s just no getting around it. Blogs are much more influential in search than typical websites. So, the trick is to give your website all the same advantages as a blog. And unfortunately, that’s not an easy fix, the way it is with the HitTail plus blogging software combo. This is so true, that we often recommend that website owners choose blogging software such as Blogger, TypePad or WordPress to get an idea of why HitTail plus blogging software equals amazing increases in website traffic. Once you understand these principles, the “fix” can be carried out on your website, and the HitTailing process can be extended to your entire Web presence.

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