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HitTail News Mar 29, 2007

One of our original and most interactive HitTailers, Dr. Howell, recently asked whether we wouldn’t be better served by making HitTail completely free, ad-supported software. And while I see us potentially going that direction to help offset costs, we have to know how good of a business we’ve got, and whether our, often vocal advocates, are willing to support us directly. But we’re not all bad guys (people want to make money). And as thanks to every beta tester who does want to step up to the premium service, we’re offering the ability to get “grandfathered” into introductory pricing that will never go up.

After April 30th, the price goes up to $9.95 per month, or $99.95 annual. If you sign up now, it’s $4.95 per month, or $49.95 annual. This is a savings of 50%, and it will never go up so long as we offer this service.

And as a further gesture of thanks, if you wish to extend this offer to someone whose online well-being you care about, then the time has come to spill the beans.

That’s right.

It’s time to tell someone you know and care about, about HitTail.

Stop keeping it a secret!

The long tail SEO movement has begun, and the process of conglomerating the crumbs around the meatiest edges of search (competitive terms) is upon us. You can’t keep it a secret forever. And there’s no reason you should, as everyone’s writing suggestions are different with HitTail keyword tool – as opposed to every other keyword suggestion tool, which when seeded with the same keywords-in, give the same suggestions-out.

How 2005.

In 2007, the idea is to glean wisdom from your search hit visitors in a way that your competitors still can’t… whoops… that’s the kind of language that has you all keeping it a secret. Well, winning customers on the Web is not a zero sum game. If your competitors get better at it, it isn’t necessarily food out of your mouth. OK, maybe a little food. But look at how world population is growing. Surely, there’s enough new people being born onto this planet, that you can be a little bit generous sharing your knowledge of HitTail.

And some are. And to those of you who are, I give you a hearty thanks, and send some traffic your way.

There’s Dazzling Donna of SEO-Scoop, who first wrote about us, but has since forgot about us. She will benefit from the email feature of the premium service, which I happily gave her for free. If you were the first to write about HitTail, this dazzling $99.95 value could have been yours free.

There’s the remarkable Gary Beal, PPC Manager extraordinaire, who let us share with the world his testimonial of how HitTail let him save his client $100K on AdWords campaigns. Gary gets many premium accounts for free, which I think he’ll appreciate for the SSL secure site support.

There’s the environmentally and mathematically inclined David Stockwell, PhD, who has made HitTail part of the foundation of a niche modeling business, whereby your hire him to make your websites self-adapting to best fit their particular environmental niche on the Internet, and thereby capture maximum customers.

Dozens of others have come our way as HitTail lovers, such as the ladies of the BlogSquad who mentioned us several times and added an interview on top. There’s Nathan Weinberg of Inside Google who thinks we ROCK, and whose site drives a surprising amount of traffic. There’s the prolific programmer, Dave Taylor, who thinks he overwhelmed our servers, but didn’t. There’s the amazing ProBlogger article by Tony Hung about how to drive traffic in 2007. And of course, there’s Wired co-founder, John Battelle, who although I can’t count him as among our HitTailers, introduced us to the digirati of the world through his Search Blog.

Of course, we’ve got to thank BusinessWeek, who mentioned us not once–but twice. First, as a better mousetrap for attracting customers to your website. And second, as one of the most innovative ideas of 2006. Of course as primarily a paper-based publication, they are not actual HitTailers… yet.

This is one true case of where the green goodness of grass roots is not astroturf. Get it? When a grass roots product starts to take off as a result of fake posts by PR people, it’s colorfully labeled astroturf, because the grass is fake. Another term I’ve heard is black hat PR. This is an area where I have to tread lightly, because HitTail is a creation of Connors Communications, the company that appropriately helped launch the best long tail company on the planet, And ironically, Connors was also the original PR firm for, the company that invented pay-per-click, and subsequently became Overture, then Yahoo Search Marketing. It’s ironic, because we’re now fixing to change the way the world views natural search as an easy component of any well balanced marketing campaign. But as a PR firm, we have to remain above reproach.

So, thanks to everyone who made this grass roots marketing campaign so green. To you I say, sign up for, and lock-in our, introductory pricing. And for everyone who doesn’t, then the time has come to let the cat out of the bag. Say thanks to us for our free product by sending the next future HitTailer our way.

And if you think we should move towards AdWare as opposed to Freemium, let us know that too.

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    Will you guys offer an affiliate program, which for us bloggers can potentially keep the service totally free forever, and possibly earn some money? 🙂

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