Seth Godin on SEO – Slam and Counter-Slam

Blogging Mar 29, 2007

Just this past Sunday, prolific writer and advocate of viral marketing, Seth Godin, published this opinion on SEO:

Hey. It’s not so hard. If you make great stuff, people will find you. If
you are transparent and accurate and doing what’s good for the surfer, people
will find you. If you regularly demonstrate knowledge of content that’s worth
seeking out, people (being selfish) will come, and people (being generous) will
tell other people. It turns out that it’s easier and faster to do that than to
spend all your time on the shortcuts.

And today, Solomon Rothman slammed him on WebProNews with a series of real-world examples, stating why Seth was wrong. But I say that they’re both absolutely correct, and that Seth is merely a year or so AHEAD of Solomon…

…and that’s why HitTail recommends getting started with BLOGGING SOFTWARE. And in Seth’s case, he uses TypePad from SixApart, so he doesn’t need to worry about SEO. What he says is absolutely true. TypePad does enough things correctly enough that you don’t even need to customize. If you just start a TypePad blog and follow Seth’s advice, it’s going to work for you. Of course, you need to choose your headlines well in order to “get in the path” of existing searchers. But asside from that, all the mechanics are taken care of by themselves, and none of those expensive SEO fixes are necessary.

Look carefully at Seth’s blog. Solomon’s claim about every page having the same title tag is wrong. Every page contains the same text as is in the headline, which is the same text as is in the URL. Additionally, TypePad constructs the magical internal link-structure that frees you from link building. Combined with the teachings of another business-book guru, Chris Anderson and The Long Tail, you have a winning combo, where you don’t even have to think about SEO, and it still works.

I don’t have to give real-world examples. Just search on anything, and look at the number of TypePad, MovableType, WordPress, SquareSpace and Blogger sites that come up. These site DO ping invisibly in the background at the moment you press Submit or Post. When you set up your blog, you have the option of making it automatically ping services such as Technorati, Weblogs or The details of who gets pinged from what blogging software varies a bit. But if you’re using one of the major platforms, you’re not doing anyting in secret, and the modern-day equivalent of a search engine submit is going to occur automatically. Remember those days? They’re back.

So Seth, when you read that slam, just send them over here. We’ll explain it to them. Sure, there are small template tweaks that can improve even TypePad’s default templates. But you’ve done almost everything that’s important for SEO merely by virtue of selecting the right publishing platform.

There is actually a major new entry into the world of marketing that is based on the facts precisely as you explained them, Seth.

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