Why Politicians, and Presidential Candidates should use HitTail

HitTail Best Practices Mar 30, 2007

Politics like everything in life; isn’t an exact science.
Politicians know for the most part who is going to vote Republican, and who is going to vote Democrat. They’ve seen numbers, charts, graphs, and polls. They know their people; their constituents, their voters, and how the makeup of the country brakes down. They know which are the Red States, The Blue States. Almost every presidential election year the makeup of the country for the most part remains very similar to the previous election year.

What they don’t know is: who are the independent voters are going to vote for?. The independent and the undecided voters usually help to decide an election.
As a politician, they are one of your largest target audiences.

These voters can be swayed in one direction or another. Usually many of them wait until the last minute to vote, and weigh the issues at hand against each other. They watch debates, talk to their neighbors, family members, and friends, and then make the best possible choice. They also do research on-line, going to the official websites, top political blogs, and even candidates MYSPACE Pages for information on the candidates and their stance on the issues.

So what’s a politician to do? How do I reach that audience? How do I find out what concerns them, and how do I use that information to reach them; and ultimately convince them I am best candidate for the job?

Well, HitTail could help these candidates answer that very question.
HitTail can help these candidates know what keywords and key searches people use when they are looking their websites and their stance on the issues.

HitTail can help the candidate know from an on-line perspective what voters are looking for, and what their key issues are.

Having this information can help a candidate in various ways. They could take this information and make sure their speech contains a great deal of material on the key subjects people are searching for. They could re-work their websites, so they are more independent voter friendly; addressing the most important issues that can sway an independent or undecided voter.

Or if there is a very small or incremental amount of people looking for a key term in regards to a candidate, the candidate should use that opportunity to educate potential voters in regards to their stance on that position.

Additionally, candidates could learn that their name may be associated with a certain event, speech, comment, or news story. People may know them from that positive or negative experience. Candidates may want to highlight that thing, or distance themselves from it. HitTail will help to give them that knowledge and advantage.

Additionally by using HitTail, candidates can get a better chance of coming up in positive search results by knowing what topics to blog about; so they have more of a positive on-line identity in a changing political on-line world.

This is increasingly important because as the political season heats up, and the election nears, blogging becomes so very important. Candidates realize a great majority of Americans find out and learn information on the candidates on-line and on the web.

Controlling that on-line presence and making it more voter friendly is the key to competing with other candidates on-line. Using HitTail can help a candidate maximize their efforts in this regard, and help to sway more and more of the undecided voters which in past elections helped to decide the fate of candidates.

HitTail of course has a great deal of experience giving small businesses and bloggers more visibility on-line, So only one question remains: Why Not Politicians?

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