TechMeme featured HitTail and I didn’t know it

HitTail News Mar 31, 2007

I just realized that HitTail was featured on TechMeme. That explains the popularity of that DownloadSquad review of HitTail. So, happily, we can add TechMeme to the likes of CNET, TechCrunch, BusinessWeek and PCWorld, all of which covered HitTail. It has been strangely resistant to SlashDot, Digg and WebMasterWorld. My theory is that the later sites are religiously opposed to big steps forward in the world of marketing, no matter how innovative and related to technology it may be. I would think they’d be interested in an AJAX datagrid that’s handling stepping through billions of records in real-time. Or perhaps as the first real alternative to relying on Google AdWords for garnering publicity. It’s all the more strange, since HitTail IS attracting spontaneous attention from the VC community, and the usual suspects of suitors who buy-out such start-ups. Perhaps it will not be until acquisition rumors are flying before the self-proclaimed “spin-adverse” social media outlets acknowlege HitTail. No worries. That makes all the more effective secret weapon for the rest of us.

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