How Long to Get Into Google Blog Search?

ML Apr 2, 2007

The clock is ticking to see how long it takes to get into Google. But first comes the blog search tools, such as Technorati and Google BlogSearch. In setting up TypePad, I turned on Technorati tags, and the pinging of both major blog ping servers, Weblog and My flurry of HitTail quote posts got picked up by Technorati moments after I “claimed” my blog at Technorati. Google BlogSearch wasn’t so fast. But is HAS picked up one of the posts so far. And that’s quite important. That blog DIDN’T EXIST before this morning.

And remember that these blog pings are the modern day equivalent of search engine submits from yesteryear. So, I’m confident that this is the first step of this blog’s journey into Google default search results. I think it might be measured in days.

The answer to how long it takes a new site to get into the blog search engines is hours, if not minutes.

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    Anonymous can speed things up quite a bit 😉

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    Mike Levin

    Yes indeed. But if you’re using Blogger, you can set it to auto-ping every time you post, and if you’re using TypePad, it can be set to ping that AND Pingoat will ping A LOT more sites, but once you’re in, you’re probably going to get into Google, so the default features are sufficient.

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    That’s true. Are you saying that using too many ping sites could be seen as unnatural linking by google et al?

    Because there are ~70 xml-rpc ping urls:

    and another:

    According to the wikipedia article, and are the most important because they republish their data publically.

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    Mike Levin

    Yes, those two ARE the most important. But from Blogger, you can set it to ping Weblogs. And from TypePad, you can set it to ping BOTH Weblogs and All that can be done automatically, when you click post or publish. I never saw any serious downside of ping-o-matic or pingoat, and it probably can only help.

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