Today, Blogging Software. Tomorrow, The World.

ML Apr 3, 2007

Sometimes HitTail skeptics think that ALL HitTail is advocating is writing well using blogging software. Yes, that’s how we recommend that the mainstream marketer or everyday blogger get started. Your funding permitting, we would love to have you onboard as an SEO client, where we employ some of the following techniques…

We perform XSL-to-HTML transformations from corporate asset data sources. We call this the slice & dice presentation layer (SDPL), and it’s one-of-a-kind in the industry, wherein we install a completely new “presentation layer” to your existing content management system. In this way, we can optimize your site using the most cutting-edge techniques of the day, and re-optimize as often as necessary to keep pace with the changing state of search. Booyah!

Another technique we use is the “blogification” of any website. The idea here is that blogging software has SO MUCH of an edge over traditional content management systems, that we work our clients through a series of projects to level the playing field. They include search friendly URLs, archive pages, internal link structure, on-page elements, RSS feeds, ping notifications, and all the rest of the artifacts that make blogging software so potent.

And yet another technique we use is social media optimization (SMO), in which we become as much of an expert in our client’s space as the client themselves. In this way, we can monitor every development in the blogosphere (and online in general), anticipate every pitfall that a client is likely to encounter, and proactively address it before the problem even hits. At worst, we’re fixing problems before they’re hours old.

Yes, we do some kick-ass things at Connors, and HitTail is merely our overture to the mainstream world of marketing, who are chomping at the bit to get started with natural search. Blogging software in combination with HitTail is simply a convenient way of getting things started.

Through HitTail, we are establishing regular relationships with hundreds-of-thousands of people. Of these, some will be happy with our basic (indeed, FREE) offering, while others will upgrade. A small few will become direct Connors clients, as,, Real Networks,,, and many more have.

So, if you’re thinking we’re saying “blog it and forget it”, we’re not.

Instead, we’re saying “Hi, it’s great to meet you. Try this. It’s free.”

A friend of mine put it to me like this:

Q: Do you like raisins?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you like delicious?

A: Yes.

Then, you’re going to love this.

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