Total Quality Management (TQM), Kaizen and the Suggestion Box

HitTail Best Practices Apr 4, 2007

OK, just one quick blog post today, as I dive deep into my work. I likely won’t be checking email much today, or taking phone-calls, as I have to finish some very large deliverables for a client. But I wanted to get a post out on one of the topics that has been coming up over and over.

Yes, HitTail suggests what to write about.

Yes, HitTail does this based on the existing activity on your site.

Yes, blogging software helps–particularly the long archive and index pages.

But exactly HOW this process works has not been sufficiently addressed. We’ve been referring people more and more frequently to this diagram.

So, as you see, “seed” content is required to get the HitTailing process going. If you don’t have a product, you don’t have a product to improve. There needs to be a website and pages there in the first place. Yes, we understand HitTail is a tempting way to “start the build”, but you must start the build using your own imagination, expertise, or other keyword suggestion tools, like WordTracker or the inventory suggestion tools.

Get out about 100 seed posts.

And once your site is seeded, HitTail will start issuing suggestions. And you can focus on constantly improving quality, by “answering” the suggestions popping up under the Suggestions tab, as surely as if it were a Suggestion Box! But if your suggestions are not good enough, then maybe it’s time to “spiral out” to new concepts, such as I am doing with this post. I have mentioned Edwards Demming, TQM and the Japanese concept of Kaizen plenty. Yet, very little hits based on it. Consequently, this is a post to remind everyone that HitTail isn’t merely analytics software. It’s part of a website total quality management campaign.

Of all these Wikipedia links, I most suggest reading the entry on Kaizen. Pay attention to the continuous improvement in tandem with a respect for people.

This is why you take HitTail suggestions to build natural search traffic, but ONLY when they make sense in the context of your site, and REALLY DO improve your website. This post is a perfect example. I need to get these keywords into a headline, but I’m not going to waste your time. Now, you know why Japan made a massive economic comeback after WWII, and how these concepts translate directly into website management and online marketing techniques today.

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    I think your contact form is broken both on hittail and connors sites

    please look into it

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    Mike Levin

    Yeah, it was only in the blog template. Thanks for the catch. Be sure to get in touch with us.

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