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Content Apr 6, 2007

Explaining what HitTail is is strangely all-consuming. In the HitTail demo, we emphasize the point that we’re not analytics software, though everybody keeps asking. We’re a keyword suggestion tool. WE… JUST… DO… SUGGESTIONS!

Now that we have a critical mass of blog posts built up, HitTail itself starts to give us suggestions.

And one such suggestion is “best writing topics”.

As usual, HitTail reaffirms the funny fact that the collective guessing power of the wisdom of the crowd far exceeds any single person, or even a group of people’s ability to brainstorm keywords. It even exceeds the ability of keyword suggestion tools, such as the keyword inventory tools built into AdWords and Yahoo Panama, to guess what’s going to UNIQUELY produce for YOU.

Let me explain that.

Your website is already a keyword suggestion box. You’re just not listening to the suggestions, if you’re not using HitTail yet. So, how are HitTail’s keyword suggestions better than anyone else’s?

Because we’re selecting the best writing topics for that title field or headline field of your blogging software. Simply work the HitTail keyword suggestion into a sensible headline that works within the context of your site, and you have the best topic for drawing in new audience.

We know this, because we’ve proven it time and time again with our own SEO clients. The HitTailing technique was so reliable, in fact, and underutilized within the context of a hand-full of high-end Connors clients, that we decided to let the world participate. Now, we’re literally responsible for thousands of people optimizing tens-of-thousands of topics, bringing in highly qualified prospects, and hopefully converting them into customers and audience.

Indeed, within a few years, we hope to have helped hundreds of thousands of writers raise their voice above the din, and draw in millions of new prospects and readers.

And we hope to count you among them.

You’ve literally got nothing to lose.

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    Mike Levin

    It’s time to cross-link this post with this other one demonstrating the efficacy of writing topics suggested by HitTail.

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    Mike Levin

    This page currently holds position of page 5 in Google on the term Writing Topics. Not bad. Still needs to work its way up. But not bad.

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