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HitTail News Apr 7, 2007

Let’s call this a Web 2.0 graphics contest. That means I’m throwing caution to the wind, and asking for submissions from all you graphic designers, Photoshop users, GIMP chimps and miscellaneous artists. Can you do the HitTail user interface better? Michele thinks so. If you prove him correct, we promise you nothing, but whatever fame and glory exposure on the HitTail site can deliver.

This may or may not amount to anything.

In order to facilitate this mission, I’m thinking of getting more involved in the graphics communities, especially here in NYC, where there are so many of you. Maybe a NYC graphic designer meetup? Who knows. In-person meetings are not required to participate. Just email entries to us at hittail at connors dot com. Be sure to only email GIFs or JPEGs. No attachments other than GIFs or JPEGs will be opened.

Anyway, we’ll throw in a free premium HitTail account to the winner. But we promise no exposure whatsoever if you’re not chosen (though we may send a complimentary shout-out). And we don’t even promise that we’re going to choose a winner. Sound fair? But seriously, anyone who reads our stuff knows we’re good folks and are generous sharing the spotlight.

If your entry knocks us out, and we choose to use it, we will make you sign releases proving that we’re allowed to use it, and then we’re going to promote you on the site. If you’re an ambitious graphic designer trying to make your mark, this is a chance to design graphics for a Web 2.0 startup whose success, judging by the buzz on the Internet, is likely assured. Nice feather in your cap.

A critical rule of the contest is to know what HitTail is and what it does. You need to understand the list-pairing concept. You have to experiment with paging forward and back through the datagrid and notice how there’s no “position popping”. That’s an unusual thing in a datagrid, tied to the use of non-proportional fonts. All applications should have one homepage graphic, and one interior page graphic containing the datagrid. It’s a user interface design project. Notice the mouse-overs used in HitTail. The application needs to be designed as self-documenting, compelling the user to do right without resorting to help screens.

I encourage working a concept such as “writing suggestion tool” or “build traffic” into the navigational design, so that no matter what page you’re visiting, the HitTail “story” is being told in an encapsulated visual format. We’re talking an attempt to instantly communicate what HitTail’s about on each and every page. Two jpegs. Send to hittail at connors dot com.

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