HitTail’s 30 Second Elevator Pitch at SES NYC 2007

HitTail News Apr 13, 2007

This was perhaps the best Search Engine Strategies (SES) I ever attended, in great part, instead of being one undifferentiated SEO in the crowd, I was Mike Levin the HitTail guy. Unlike previous years, where I attended all four days and came away with only enough to make it worth it, this time I only attended yesterday (Thursday), and came away with a lot. I mean, an awful lot.

I’d love to share all the funny anecdotes that were packed into just one day. But the first thing I want to get out of my mind and into the blogosphere is the highly effective 30-second elevator pitch.

HitTail is a writing suggestion tool for bloggers and website owners of all sorts — to help you grow your natural search traffic… free.

It works much like analytics software with a simple line of JavaScript code. For users of major platforms (Blogger, TypePad and WordPad), there are plug-ins to facilitate installation of the code, making it easy for even total newbies.

Every website has some search-life in it. Every website is trying to tell you something.

Most analytics packages overlook the most important event: when some determined visitor finds you buried several pages into search. This tells you two things:

1. There is actual traffic occurring on this term, and you CAN/ARE being found on it.
2. There are several pages of crap ahead of you which didn’t satisfy the visitor. The hit was probably coincidental, often a result of unlikely word combos from archive pages.

So the reasoning goes, if you intentionally target it, you can bring yourself from several pages in on that term to the first page.

Keep this up over time, and you will grow your search engine traffic, naturally.
It may even free you (being marketers) from reliance on Google AdWords to drive traffic.

Oh yeah. It’s free.

Works every time.

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    hey, can you turn on permalinks? I don’t a way to link to this post, other than copying the digg url and paring it down.

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    sorry, I meant to say “I don’t see a way to”

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    One more thing, you may want to make the title a link to the post, as well as in each article make the title a link to itself.

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    Mike Levin

    A, Interestingly, permalinks are turned on here. They’re linked on the subject of the post. Because Blogger supports EXTERNAL links on the headline element, I don’t do the TypePad trick here of linking to the permalink pages from the main headline. Different blogging platforms, different styles. The permalink in Blogger is traditionally on a tiny little timestap. I changed it to the title text. It’s a nice SEO tweak for Blogger templates.

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