Free Hits

ML Apr 17, 2007

I was recently challenged to sum up HitTail in 2 words. Sure, we bring you free traffic, which leads to higher overall potentially qualified sales prospects, and ultimately customers. And HitTail becomes one pillar of a marketing campaign designed to ultimately free you from pay-per-click advertising networks, like AdWords. And I’d love to talk about the “end results” of a healthier company that employs cross-engine optimization tactics that will outlive any particular search engine.

But after long pondering, and a 2-word limit, I’d have to say…

Free Hits!

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    Antonio Howell, M.D.

    How about? Hittail is “your key”

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    Mike Levin

    It’s a good one, Dr. Howell. But already, I can see the traffic starting to come in on “free hits”. Booyah!

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