Web 2.0 Expo – SEO & SEM Trends to Watch

HitTail News Apr 17, 2007

Even while HitTail wasn’t speaking at Web 2.0, one of our favorite people and advocates was: David Berkowitz of 360i Search Marketing. We love 360i, and run into them often, as neighboring New Yorkers, and co-sponsors of one of the Search Insider Summit conferences. So it was with extreme pleasure, that we saw Amy Cham blogging live from the conference, and recounting David naming us as the tool of choice for emerging trend #9 (long tail optimization) to watch. Thanks, David. We definitely need advocacy like this coming out of beta, and launching our premium service. And thanks, Amy Cham. We enjoy getting inside your head, and look forward to many more blogging-from-the-seat-of-your-pants, like you’re doing at the Web 2.0 Expo. Or would that be blogging-from-the-hip? Real-time blogging? Whatever you want to call it, we like.

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    Amy Cham

    Thanks, Mike! I’m glad you enjoyed the blog!

    I’m definitely looking forward to trying out HitTail. I’m relaunching a site that has a lot of fragmentation in search phrases, but they hover around a couple key topics. It will be interesting to see how these fall out as long-tail opportunities!

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