HitTail, MyBlogLog, Snap Previews and TypePad Explode in a Cacophony of Coolness

HitTail News Apr 26, 2007

April has been a busy month for HitTail. We launched our premium service, built a TypePad Widget and a Blogger Widget, got into the SixApart’s TypePad Widget gallery and newsletter, kept pace with exploding popularity, and recorded over 70 quotes and testimonials on your spanking new TypePad blog

…all in this single month of April!

So, my challenge to you, the HitTailer, is to give us a quote. And you can do that merely by blogging about us.

We’ll know.

It’s a fairly sure bet that we’re going to link back to you on that site. And while you’re at it, check out how eerily cool HitTail, MyBlogLog and the Snap Website Previews work on a TypePad blog.

As it turns out, almost every HitTail quoter I’m linking to who published a positive HitTail comment online are themselves running HitTail. Therefore, whenever I construct a link to them, I am by definition alerting those HitTail-addicted folks of the fact that I linked to them.

Yes, as it turns out, you can view every single link or hit that comes into your site as an important event (as there are much fewer than almost everybody thinks).

And so, its mere moments between me linking to them, and them coming to see who just made a link to them.

This gives them a link, and an opportunity to review and comment upon their quote. Now, for the cool pictures.

People visiting the HitTail quote site get previews of the quoters’ sites by merely mousing-over the links, thanks to Snap’s cool website preview feature. And if they’re a member of the cool MyBlogLog service, their picture appears on the website too as a recent visitor. Then I get to see their picture.

If this isn’t an example of the cool undercurrents of the “online discussion” then I don’t know what is.

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