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HitTail Best Practices Apr 27, 2007

The essence of HitTail is writing topics — something to write about. Deal with writer’s block. Have your own writer’s muse.

Perhaps we’re doing ourselves a disservice making it look too much like a keyword tool or analytics software. Comments welcome.

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    Joanna Young

    Hi, it’s an interesting question. I’m new to blogging so haven’t experimented with other tools yet but was attracted to this as it seems human, intuitive, personal, creative and so yes (for me) intrinsically linked to the writing process. The first hittail suggestion I got also gave me a great idea for a post (though I have to confess I’ve not written it yet…)

    I’m not sure though as to whether this would be a stronger suit in marketing terms – will be interested to see what other people have to say.


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    Mike Levin

    Thanks, Joanna, for the generous comment.

    It’s interesting that I’m referred to as having a pioneering moment and contemplating my navel. He even went as far as to directly address me and say “get over it.”

    Now the punch-line here is this. I completely knew what I was doing when I made that post. The whole team here knows we’ve got user interface changes coming to position ourselves more correctly. We’re just figuring out how to do it most correctly, and I figured that in the meantime…

    …I’d… (drum-roll please)

    …take the HitTail writing topic suggestion of HitTailing on the topic of “writing topics”.

    Get it? It was another gratuitous and shameless post that got much more attention than it should have based on its own merit, because…

    …HitTail works.

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    Hi Mike – I hope you didn’t take that the wrong way. I meant it in the most positive way.

    I’m a big hittail fan. Just trying to get my head around all its potential myself 🙂


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    Mike Levin

    Peter, no worries. It’s like riffing in music. It doesn’t matter what you were going for originally, so long as the end result worked for everybody. Let’s watch this page rise (and stay there) on the topic of writing topics. Very circular stuff, and could become the quintessential example of HitTailing. Thanks, Peter!

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