Success in Google in 2007? HitTail Nearly Top Tool

HitTail News May 2, 2007

Hey, this is something pretty cool that I just realized today.

First we made Larry Chase’s list of top 50 sites for Search Engine Optimization. Then we made ProBlogger’s Top-20 things to do in 2007 to market your blog. Then we made’s Top-10 Free Website Tools and Services. As of mid-March, we made Search Marketing’s Top 5 hot tips to turn the heat up on your AdWords campaign.

Notice a trend?

I guess we’re working our way up to #1, and judging by the amazing response to our “charter member” promotion that lasted through April 30th, we’re on our way.

So my question for the HitTailers of the world is this:

Does anyone want to step up and name us the single most innovative and important thing to do to your site in 2007? You’ll be in good company, because BusinessWeek sort of already did. But we’re looking for genuine, from the trenches quotes.

Comments welcome.

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    Does Letterman still do his list? That could be fun. Especially his interpretation of what it is….

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    UK Magazines

    It obvious to many users the benefits of adding your code to their websites. I find I’m hooked on seeing the live stats watching people come and seeing immediately how they found my sites.


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    Your product is ok, but definitely not the most innovative thing for 2007. Although the software is basic and is not needed if you combine some tools like the ones on digitalpoint and a basic stats program like awstats with the right plugins.
    I do think it’s amazing how much free publicy you have been able to create around it. Definitely great promotion for Connors. If you can take something so basic and turn it into a huge buzz, that is not a onetime thing, but a long term buzz. Imagine what you can do with a true innovative service or product.
    A+ for Conners Communications

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    Mike Levin

    Dubaiblog, thanks much. And believe me, I don’t disagree… even though you might think I would. In fact, we’re probably about 5 years out ahead of everyone in our thinking right now, and what we do with HitTail is an exercise in holding back. Rolling out our truly innovative concepts is just a matter of funding, timining, and the like. And we won’t even need funding if our “plus” product really takes off. We’ll be one of those self-funded Web 2.0 phenomenon where no one can figure out how we could make such things happen while no one else could. And most importantly, all the HitTail users are along for that ride in a similar fashion to how MySpace users see that stuff going on right underneath of them, and it always keeps it interesting with a high energy level. Start simple, then delightfully surprise them.

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    Palaestra Training

    I’m definitely excited about being able to see stats and identify the “tail” in real time. There are other tools I use as well, but this is a really nice way to get a quick, real time view.

    Congrats on a nice, simple tool and keep up the great work!

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