Online Marketing Webinars Coming Soon to HitTail

HitTail News May 23, 2007

This HitTail blog post sets the stage for weekly chats with Mike Levin on popular recurring issues. The first is one alluded to by John Battelle in the earliest days of HitTail, when he said:

But….something about it strikes me as…well…inorganic. I recall fondly
how editors would respond to surveys we’d do telling them what to write
about….What do you think?

So, what do you think? This and more, we’ll be discussing at the new HitTail daily Webinars. These Webinars will be nice and informal at first, with a countdown clock revealing what hour they’re going to be held. Everyone online at the time can participate. As they get more popular, we’ll start scheduling topics and moderating more carefully. But to continue the “is HitTailing a good idea” theme, there’s this very recent post from Jos Schuurmans that every HitTailer should read. What would you do in this dilema:

It might work, and it may even be worth trying. But the funny thing is, it would
disctract me from the conversations I’d otherwise rather engage in. I’m sure
many bloggers will feel the same dilemma.

So stay tuned for the HitTail Webinar feature to be rolled out sometime very soon.

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    Jos Schuurmans

    Hello Mike, and thanks for quoting me!

    I noticed that, in your post, my name links to a different page on my blog than the one you must have intended.
    As I wrote further down in my post, HitTail’s keywords and suggestions made me think about how I could offer my blog’s visitors a better experience. So I followed up with this: ‘How can I serve you better?’.

    Mike, HitTail is a great idea. The dilemma we’re referring to here really forces bloggers to think about how to strike a balance between, let’s call it, “self-expression” and customer focus. And that’s not a bad thing to think about.

    Best of success with your webinars!

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    Mike Levin

    Thanks, Jos. I fixed the link and read your new post. Looking forward to chatting with you. Today’s Webminar was a very informal test-run.

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