The Gold Coast Discovers HitTail

HitTail News Jun 9, 2007

Today, there was a major mention of HitTail in the Ventura County Star. Be sure to read the whole thing, but here’s an excerpt: Fred Simanek, chief executive officer of in Thousand Oaks, uses both for his commercial real estate Web site.

Simanek said an important part of launching a new site is driving traffic to it. He found a product called HitTail, which gives Web site owners, whether casual bloggers or large businesses, a piece of code that tracks how people find their Web site.

It uses that information what keywords people used in which search engines to create a report for the site operator. That allows a business to incorporate the search terms into its Web site content so people using similar keyword searches in the future can find the company more easily.

It even creates a “to do” list.

Gaining intelligence

Simanek said he liked that it was so simple to use.

“Who doesn’t want to have a to do list telling you, Here’s some improvements you can make on your site,'” he said.

Simanek said he checks the report every day.

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