Another Buried HitTail Story on Digg

HitTail Best Practices Jun 13, 2007

Neil Patel reports that the last referrer before a story gets buried on Digg is sometimes crawl3.digg.internal. If true, the folks at Digg need to get a little better about keeping us nerds from understanding their internal processes, because I too just saw crawl3.digg.internal, and with a little bit of quick research, I see that HitTailers who are trying to get the word out about our service have a unique little challenge before them.

Notice this Digg search for HitTail that includes buried stories. There’s one from 19 hours ago by HitTail user beautyofthelord. Now notice the same search without buried stories (this demonstration will only be valid for a short while while results churn). The purpose of this post is just to have a second case out there of seeing the crawl3.digg.internal referrer spin by before a story got buried.

Anyway, HitTail is good enough for The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, TechCrunch, CNET, PCWorld, countless bloggers around the Internet, and most recently, The Ventura County Star. So not sure if we really need Digg. I don’t get the idea that their readership cares much about developments in the field of marketing, anyway. Sighhhhhh

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    Thanks Mike for mentioning my site…I am beautyofthelord 🙂



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    None of those sites actually use hittail.

    So who are the highest profile hittailers?

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    Mike Levin

    We can’t really disclose who uses HitTail, as that is a privacy issue. But many use our TypePad and Blogger widgets, which visually show our logo. None of them are too high profile. Someone named eMom is fairly high profile, and blogs publicly about her use of HitTail.

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