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HitTail News Jun 16, 2007

I’m going to make a habit of promoting interesting HitTailers on this blog who have publicly disclosed their use of HitTail through either the TypePad Widget or announcing it on their site. No worries. If you’re using HitTail as a competitive advantage, and don’t want your competitors knowing, we don’t spill the beans. But for those who announce it on their own, I’d love to promote you, assuming it’s an interesting site.

Anyway, it turns out there’s an entire market for businesses being put up for sale by retiring baby boomers. Think about that. Baby boomers are getting up in years, and many of the entrepreneurial companies they’ve started are going up for sale, making a viable alternative to starting your own business or buying a franchise. So, check out The Baby Boom Business Exit Phenomenon.

Who would like to be mentioned on the HitTail blog next? Be sure you’re using HitTail first, before you respond with comment links here.

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    I proudly promote the fact that I use HitTail. With my relatively low amount of content, HitTail is slowly starting to churn out more suggestions and I am creating content based on the suggestions.

    I think it’s a great tool and I am excited to see how this service will evolve.

    I have a blog called Acai Berry Juice Information and I provide information on the health and wealth opportunities with Acai Berry Juice (aka Monavie).


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    Peter Koning

    Hi Mike,
    I guess I’m an early adopter. I’ve been hittailing for about 4 months now.

    It’s resulted in growth in blog readers and made me wake up in general to the blogosphere.

    I use it on about 6 sites, from dental care to a poker site to my viral marketing blog.

    The realtime nature of it is the best. Almost addictive I’d say.


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    Joost de Valk

    Hi Mike, I’m the creator of the script above and early adopter on for instance 🙂

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    I recently overhauled our ecommerce site Click2Qnet and found that many of the product pages are creating their own long tails by using the product description as the page title. I am now working on rebranding our corporate site Qnet Group Ltd and will probably find Hittail very useful for determining long

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