Getting Dropped By Google? Do Something About It.

Technical SEO Jun 22, 2007

Ever wonder why some people seem to be immune to Google fluctuations? It’s because they’re not overly optimized on a small set of words. Instead, they’re diversely optimized. We’ve seen this effect on Connors Clients for over 6 years now. The rest of the world is only just starting to discover that a diversity of carefully targeted content effectively hedges your bets against Google algorithm tweaks. Here’s one person who saw a 40% GROWTH in traffic while a lot of his counterparts are falling out. Guess what he attributes his success to.

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    Search engines are hard to figure out sometimes. I’ve read about sites at the top one day, then drops 3 pages in ranking overnight. A few days passes by and they’re back on top. It seems this happens a lot.

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