Work-at-Home Moms Discovering HitTail

HitTail Best Practices Jun 22, 2007

At HitTail, we are big fans of eMom, Wendy Piersall. Perhaps it’s because she promotes us so heavily. Perhaps it’s that her story is just so engaging. Perhaps also, we’re a mostly a women-owned and operated business.

But we’re also seeing a trend of work-from-home moms who are being freed from the decision of going to work and staying with the kids, by bringing their customers to them, in part, thanks to HitTail.

That seems to be part of the lifestyle promise of HitTail. Here’s another site, Butterflies are Free, which continues the trend.

Thanks, all you eMoms out there!

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    Wendy Piersall

    Thanks Mike! eMom is a big fan of HitTail too – but then again, I think you already figured that one out for yourselves. 😉

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