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Blogging Jul 5, 2007

When discussing HitTail, we are sometimes asked, why isn’t it spam. Quite the contrary, HitTail is blog quality management, for many reasons laid out in prior posts about how Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s teachings of TQM (total quality management) and the Japanese notion of Kaizen play in. You can’t improve a website in a vacuum. You need input from your users. You need to know what they want. But actual suggestion boxes can be disingenuous, and analyzing the MAJORITY trends of your keyword analytics can only tell you how you’re ALREADY satisfying your users.

The data you need to know is hidden in your long tail keywords, and sifting through that mile-long list of keywords can be a big time-waster.

And THAT’S why HitTail is not spam. It’s merely an expert companion, a lot like an accountant, whose responsibility it is to sift through all that paper-work, so you don’t have to. HitTail acts as a councilor, inspecting your web log data, quickly discounting everything that does not qualify, and inspecting those keywords that do qualify with a fine tooth comb, ensuring that if you are to write about the topic, that the posts would be likely to generate enough traffic for you to be worth it.

And in the end, HitTail DOESN’T DO YOUR WRITING for you. It only makes a suggestion. Whether or not you take that suggestion and act on it is your decision. But when you do, you add a tiny bit more mass to that snowball that you’re trying to get rolling down the hill. The snowball principle states that while getting a snowball with very little mass rolling may be difficult, it is eventually worth it, because you will pass the threshold where you have enough mass to keep the movement self-sustaining, and actually, self-fueling.

Reaching this self-fueling state means that you have enough content to keep suggestions rolling in, and when acted upon, you continue to add mass to your site, which in turn, stimulates more writing topic suggestions to be issued. When this happens, the snowball effect is fully achieved, and it’s really just a matter of continuing to produce quality content associated with the new writing suggestions.

The new writing must be quality content that answers the questions posed by your website visitors. Don’t just produce search engine fodder. Rather, make thoughtful and deliberate posts as if you are actually engaged in an active discussion with your site visitors (which you are), and are a practitioner of blog quality management.

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    Does hittail show the keywords used in searches that result in adwords clicks?

    Sorry if this is an obvious question answered somewhere else, like the faq, and pm’ing you and posting it in the forum, but I really needed to know before I start a ppc campaign for a small business.

    I got this idea from the Hamlet Batista’s Long Tail Miner, and his post on Youmoz about it.

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