HitTail with Podcasting and Video

HitTail Best Practices Jul 5, 2007

With the shift from one-size-fits-all mass markets to self interest niche and mega-niche markets, many companies are now recognizing the value of reaching out to existing and potential customers online. An increasingly popular way to engage these emerging markets is through podcasts and viral videos, which are now part of good marketing practice for winning new business. But too often companies become frustrated with the process of web analytics involved in targeting these important niche customers.

Whether you’re an analytics professional or a non-technical marketer, HitTail is a tool that makes log file data everyone always had anyway suddenly useful. HitTail shows the Long Tail of your hits and works as a filter for all future hits. The result is a small set of data showing you what you need to better target your audience and potential customers. HitTail is differentiated from other web analytics tools because it can extract keywords and issue suggestions for future website content.

Podcasts and video face a unique dilemma being found by search engines because the content is not predominantly text. HitTail can help by making suggestions to optimize the titles of your podcasts and videos which can help to boost visibility online. Use HitTail to add specific text, like accompanying introductions, that helps your site get found without compromising the look of your site.

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