Who is Connie Connors?

ML Jul 16, 2007

The question often comes up, what is the relationship of HitTail to Connors Communications? At the most recent NYTech Meetup, Scott Heiferman, the founder of Meetup asked the question, and partially answered it himself, describing Connie Connors, the founder of Connors Communications, as the PR firm that helped launch and bring public such companies as Amazon.com, Real Networks, Priceline and others from the Dot Com era.

Perhaps most notably in regard to HitTail, Connors was the public relations firm for GoTo.com in the early days, before it became Overture, and later, Yahoo! Search Marketing. This is significant, because Connors helped introduce pay-per-click to the world, fighting the “Church and State” uproar that broke out from mixing paid and natural search results. Today, this is the staple of Google’s business, making industry insiders joke that GoTo.com taught Google how to make money.

Connors continues as a public relations firm, specializing in helping clients drive quality prospects to your website, based on the next step in the evolution of online marketing. HitTail was just an “extraction” of this larger product, which today continues to serve a hand-full of hand-selected Connors clients. In this picture, you see Connie Connors at the latest Wall Street Journal / Walt Mossberg D Conference with some friends.

Connie has incubated the HitTail company within the walls of Connors Communications, using it as an “overture” to the world–demonstrating how modern public relations firms have something to offer everyone. So let us know what you’re up to, whether you’re vying to be one of the handful of clients that Connors takes directly, or one of the tens-of-thousands benefiting from our free to moderately priced products.

You’re never to small to be part of something big. And you’re never so big that you couldn’t be doing even better.

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    And where is goto.com now? A mobile phone yellow pages?

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    Mike Levin

    Actually, GoTo.com became overture, which sold to Yahoo for 1.6 billion dollars.

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