Biggest HitTail Criticism Fixed!

HitTail News Jul 27, 2007

Well, we just fixed the biggest criticism of HitTail. Those of you who follow this blog can check it out by simply visiting your “My Account” page.

No, we haven’t made any change to our unique filtering system that often confuses people. We stick by it.

Nor is our biggest criticism the controversy we’ve triggered off in the SEO community. They’ll eventually understand long tail data mining.

And no, the biggest criticism isn’t even the original point made by John Battelle about how taking HitTail writing suggestions in pursuit of better natural search listings may be somewhat… inorganic.

No, the biggest criticism leveled against HitTail is how people want multiple websites per login.

You all want more HitTail! You want it to be easier to sign up the first account, then add site after site after site. Well, we heard you. And now you have “My Sites” on your “My Account” page. All free HitTail users can rapidly add up to 4 more sites (5 total) to each account. So now for all you HitTailers managing multiple accounts, it’s a breeze.

What about the 6th site, you ask?

You always can create a new account, and do 5 more free sites. Free use of HitTail is still effectively unlimited.

But, if you’re such an avid HitTailer and fan of our service, why not upgrade one of your sites to the Plus service, and support us? Not only do we greatly appreciate it, but then there’s no limit to the number of sites you can add under a single account.

So help us out, and check out this feature.

And help us out by upgrading one of your accounts to Plus!

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    I noticed that on my panel a day or so ago and figured it was something I was missing all along.

    Makes it a lot easier to “stat hop” from site to site.


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