A Meetup Invitation, a Connors Client Slot, and a Link-Back

HitTail News Aug 1, 2007

Anyone who is in the New York area tonight is welcome to stop by they Prey bar for the SEO Superpowers Meetup, and say hello to the HitTail and Connors Communications crew.

A few other items I want to get out there in this post: Connors Communications, the company that created HitTail, and played a fundamental role in kick-starting the commercial Internet, has a few slots opening up in its SEO and PR schedule. Usually, engagements start at no less than $25K/mo. I thought I’d mention it on the HitTail blog, since this is where much of our audience currently resides. So if you know of someone with a large AdWords budget, looking to diversify and free themselves from the Google Tax Man, then drop us a line or corner me at Prey.

Also, for anyone who hasn’t noticed yet, almost any reference you make to HitTail in your blog post will usually score you a mention and a link-back in our TypePad collection of quotes and testmonials. So, if you’ve been waiting to say a few nice words about us, now seems like a good time.

And finally, I’m really pushing to get people to sign up for at least the Plus service, just as a way of supporting us. It’s only $99.95 per year, and think how much time we’re saving you struggling with those other analytics packages that ask you to jump through hoops before you figure out what to do with your data. As our quote page shows, we’re rapidly becoming an integral part of many peoples’ day-to-day marketing activities, and the surest way to a long-term relationship is throwing a little support our way!

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