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Keyword Research Aug 2, 2007

At yesterday’s SEO Super Power Meetup, one of the original beta testers simultaneously praised us for how well HitTail worked, and challenged me on why it works, and why he should trust the suggestions.

The answer needs to be qualified: don’t take HitTail suggestions blindly! They have to make sense in the context of your site. But they pretty much always do work. In other words, if you take a suggestion issued by HitTail and put it into the Title field of a new blog post, you’re pretty much assured to grab the first page on that term, and generate new qualified traffic.

And it takes something of a leap of faith to understand why–and how we’re able to do this at such a low-cost and in real time. We understand that there are other products that give you thousands, or tens-of-thousands of keywords at a single go. But they’re much more expensive, and such long lists are mostly suitable for pay-per-click campaigns. But as far as getting writing ideas, lists like that just aren’t as good as HitTail.


A suggestion issued by HitTail means that someone JUST found you on that term, but not on the first couple of pages of results.

So, what does this tell you?

1. You CAN be found on this term.
2. There is at least SOME traffic there.
3. There’s a bunch of results ahead of you on that term which for some reason didn’t satisfy the searcher.

And these three truths make a HitTail suggestion the best sort of long tail keyword. It’s active. You’re already associated with it. And sites higher in the results are not satisfying users.

BAM! You have the top position on that term.

It might only amount to 50 visits on that term in the course of an entire year. But that’s 50 visits you would probably not have gotten otherwise. And it’s traffic on fairly specific, and therefore, uniquely pre-qualified potential customers (prospects).

And of course, if you keep this up over time with many HitTail suggestions, the effect accumulates, and results in compounding returns. The idea is that you’re going for complete dominance in your particular market niche, following the most logical, and immediately rewarding path, from a quality-content-expansion point-of-view.

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    Daniel Sweet

    While I’ve had Hittail code on my blog for awhile, I just started really making use of it.

    And I can tell you that what you said works. I used an (unnamed to retain my status) phrase in a post that was recommended in several different ways.

    The post resulted in 3 #1 listings in Yahoo (different phraseologies) and 1 #1 Google (for a common misspelling) and a #9 & #11 on Google.

    The only downside is that I don’t like the terms I’m found for a lot of times (my fault – not Hittail’s) and I have to remind myself to target other keywords to expand my blog’s profile.

    If HitTail had a forward-looking tool that functions similarly to the backward-looking one, it would be the perfect system.

    But for free (for now), it can’t be beat. Thanks guys!


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    Austin Luna

    It starts to get interesting when your pages begin to outrank huge corporate web sites that generate massive amounts of money.

    It works.

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