A Slick and Mind-Catching Presentation? I’ll take that.

Marketing Aug 10, 2007

Mike LevinSo, these are a few words about our high-end product, and the history of HitTail. As many know, HitTail is the brainchild of the public relations firm, Connors Communications, founded by Connie Connors, one of the folks who helped build-up some of the Dot Com giants, such as Amazon.com and Priceline.

Unlike other PR firms who have entered the online space, in a possibly overzealous fashion, and perhaps even risked their reputation with kitschy, manipulative stunts, such as disingenuous blogging, Connors has chosen a path less traveled, but we think infinitely more rewarding. We have actually become one of the new generation of disruptive, game-changing companies that we endeavor to promote online. In other words, we don’t only talk the talk, but we walk the walk.

We created HitTail.

So, what do we do with this incredible audience we’re accumulating, as we become highly recognized in marketing circles around the world? Why, we use it to win you as our next client, of course. Our brand of SEO is very high-end, really only making sense for folks who already have $100K AdWords campaigns, but would like their natural search piece of the pie.

How does this relate to HitTail?

As more and more HitTailers are coming to discover, this beloved Web 2.0 long tail writing topic suggestion tool is actually an “extraction” from our larger product, which Connors has been using with high-end client engagements for some years now—where budgets of $100K/mo are traditionally being poured into AdWords, and they’re looking for a more sensible approach.

And now we’re ready to describe this previously tightly-guarded secret to the world.

We named it Connors ABCs.

Why ABCs? We think it describes how we view ourselves as the new fundamental building blocks of a new form of online marketing—where you fix your website, without scrapping and rebuilding everything you’ve got. Yes, it’s SEO (search engine optimization), but brought to a whole new level, through a non-intrusive presentation layer that lets us remix websites like DJs remix music.

We describe this complex system of re-working and re-publishing data you already have so often, that it wore us down.

So, I bit the bullet, and made this demo.

Hopefully using this demo, the enthusiasm that starts to build once we start to talk with you can become infectious, and you can pass the word along in your company. But fair warning! As Mike Crowl stated in his review of our presentation:

It assumes that you’re intelligent and can keep up with both audio and visual
input at the same time, so that while your ear is listening to one part of the
message your eye is either getting an alternative picture of that message or
something additional.

So even if you don’t have a budget of $25,000/mo to spend, Mike Crowl suggests that you check out the demo, because:

I haven’t seen one as slick and mind-catching in a while.

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