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Long Tail Keyword Tool Aug 11, 2007

Mike LevinThere are a number of HitTail videos starting to accumulate, and I figured it was time to put them all on one page–at least in the blog. It should give a nice overview of the online marketing shift that’s taking place, centered around HitTail. Enjoy!

This is the original HitTail video that started it all. It’s still referred to around the Internet as the best way to learn long-tail thinking!

We made this video for Bambi Francisco on MarketWatch, but when it was never used, we just started using it on our own. It’s yet another explanation of how HitTail works.

This is a brand-new video we made to demonstrate the high-end SEO product from which HitTail was “extracted”. Within days of it being released, we’re getting comments like: WOW! I watched the video. I can’t believe you just gave that information away. GREAT concept.(Need a west coast rep?)

And finally, with all these great SEO capabilities, that we’re regularly told are years ahead of the competition, we decided to start a New York Search Engine Optimization Superpowers Meetup. Here’s some video shot by my friend, Marshall Sponder, the WebMetricsGuru!

Here is one more video, which I added on August 24th. I forgot this NYTech Meetup video was available. It’s not one we produced, but HitTail got a big round of applause, and it certainly belongs on this list.

Here is another video, which we just produced yesterday (August 23, 2007). It’s the long-awaited video of precisely how to use HitTail. Looks like we’ll have to produce a dedicated video page soon, and stop using this blog page.

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