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Marketing Aug 15, 2007

Mike LevinYes, HitTail is a form of blog marketing. Once you’ve invested the time to build a blog, you want your intended audience to arrive at your site. But how does that happen, precisely? There’s a lot of stock put in “building your subscribers” through your RSS feed. But I have a different message. A blog’s exposure and effectiveness is mostly a function of people’s ability to spontaneously rediscover it whenever they go to Google or some other search engine to research the topics your blog touches on.

That’s right. Blogs are in great part, a search engine optimization play.

We can’t say that enough. Blogs are content management systems that pander to precisely what search engines like to see in a page. They make the correct type of search-friendly web addresses. They construct the proper page-to-page internal link structures, which would be otherwise tedious to hand-code. They put exactly the right words in the title tag and headline. Blogs line up the “crosshairs” precisely right to drive traffic on the subject-matter of the blog post.

So, choosing the headline correctly for that page’s topic is enormously important. In fact, we say that once you choose the proper headline, the rest of the page is freed up for the art of writing well. That’s not to say the headline shouldn’t be well written. It’s just that the majority of traffic you’re going to get for this page is determined at the moment you create the headline. So, it should receive special consideration.

So, to market your blog, specifically what you do is take a HitTail suggestion from under the Suggestion tab. Once you’ve decided to blog about that topic, as I’m doing here with the topic “blog marketing”, work it into a sensible headline. In this case, the precise suggestion IS the headline. There’s really no purpose for anything other than those two words in this headline.

Yet by saying so little, I’m saying so much. Perhaps this post will be one of those pieces of smoking-gun evidence of how well HitTail works. I guess we should give it a few days, then search on blog marketing. By discussing the topic in blogging software, I’m actually performing the act.

And sustained over time with topic after topic, my natural search traffic grows.

It’s all very circular, see?

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    Thank you for this post. I’ll try this soon.


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