SEO Aug 15, 2007

Mike LevinAs many of you have noticed, HitTail is entering a new phase. In addition to pushing hard to continue delivering a high-quality free service, we’re also beginning to ask our users to support us by upgrading at least one account to Plus. Alternatively, you might like to support us by contacting us or referring SEO business in New York our way.

Connors Communications, the public relations firm that gave birth to HitTail, performs a very high-end brand of SEO, most appropriate for larger companies who are invested heavily in AdWords, and are looking to bring their natural search traffic up to par. To that end, we’ve created some exciting technology, which is such a challenge to convey that we made this video.

Now that the video exists, I’m tapping into the HitTail community to see whether I can’t get that URL forwarded around a few offices, preferably in the New York area, where I can schedule coming out to meet with you in the next couple of weeks. The Connors office is on 22nd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, making it extremely convenient to set up meetings.

Typically, we do a situation analysis, looking for the opportunity to leverage large storehouses of pent-up corporate data, which has never properly been unleashed onto the Web. This often takes the form of product catalogs, published articles, or even user contributed content such as forums. The possibilities of corporate data to drive qualified natural search traffic visitors to your site are limitless, and it’s by far the fastest way to pick up permanent new traffic quickly.

Anyway, I believe by making HitTail, we’ve pretty firmly established our credibility–not to mention Connors’ pedigree as the PR firm that helped launch Amazon.com, Priceline, and got many others off the ground (we still do that too). We’re now further differentiated we’re engaged with the online community as genuine technologists and Web 2.0’ers, rather than the low-road approaches that some of our PR agency counterparts have taken to online outreach.

So contact me if you’re in the marketing department of a New York City company, and would like to set up a meeting. Also contact me if you’re a consultant, and you think some of your clients may be candidates for the Connors ABCs, because we do finders fees. And if you’re part of an online marketing company looking to add a very high-end natural search product to your line-up, contact us because we’re getting ready to pilot our Value Added Reseller program, and may be able to train and authorize you to deliver this solution yourselves!

[Update: I added this screen snapshot to show how this blog post got a search hit on the term NY SEO merely 2 days after being posted. Where this in itself doesn’t mean that a valid opportunity was created (it was probably another SEO searching), but it does show that there is a big opening for regionally targeted phrases–even in the most competitive markets!]

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    I get goosebumps when I think of what you can do with “large storehouses of pent-up corporate data” from massive companies like Amazon and Priceline.

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