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Marketing Aug 17, 2007

Mike LevinWell, it’s time to write this particular article, because the keyword tool created by a top PR company in NYC tells me so. This is probably a rather odd notion for people discovering HitTail and the PR firm of Connors Communications merely by virtue of this post. But this article should make it clear for those just discovering us.

And for those who already know Connors Communications, go back to your HitTail reports. This one isn’t for you.

The key thing to understand about the new state of PR is:

Generically reaching out to the entire world population on your important phrases is part of modern public relations. The first thing an influencer that you’re pitching is going to do is turn around to Google (or some other engine) and get the dirt on you. The onus is on you to control that messaging!

Most PR firms don’t get this. When faced with the question: “Yes, but what are you doing online?” they fumble around with answers that involve disingenuous blogging and/or Afterlife. What they don’t provide is a proven online strategy that demonstrates the PR firm’s leadership role in the PR industry, and indeed, proof of their status as peers and equals to the clients themselves, as far as technology goes.

What you found in discovering this page is a PR firm with a pedigree that includes launching, Priceline, Vonage and a host of others. The thing to notice here is the difficulty of the PR challenge. It may be obvious today, but selling books online as the path to being an online retailing giant was not so clear back then. Asking Americans to haggle over prices in Priceline… well, Americans aren’t hagglers. And introducing VOIP as a consumer product rather than B2B, well that was about as counter-intuitive as it gets. Yet today, VOIP is a household word. Think about that.

All these companies with counter-intuitive messages, launched successfully. They were ultimately right. They all educated the world about a new way of thinking and living. They all had messaging that the world initially resisted, then came around to embracing. They’re in-it-for-the-long-haul game-changers.

So what does a company like Connors do to show the world how the PR industry is changing to keep pace with the times? Well, we change the very state of the Marketing industry, by introducing our own product, and doing it with a free version as an overture to the world. We learned from the best, as we were also the PR firm for in the early days, which was destined to become Overture, then be bought by Yahoo for $1.6 billion dollars. So Connors knows a little bit about making overtures. And this provides yet another example of making a counter-intuitive product stick–mixing paid advertising into natural search results. This is essentially how Google makes most of its money, so it can be argued that Connors’ client taught Google the business plan that made it so successful.

A company like Connors Communications makes HitTail in order to show that PR firms are still at the top of the hierarchy of marketing professions. What you WON’T find from Connors is disingenuous blogs. What you WILL find are blogs that are run on behalf of clients, which perform astoundingly well in natural search, and which are regularly asked by major media outlets such as The New York Times whether they can be quoted! That’s right. In influencing the media, we make our clients INTO the media.

And in turn, every time an influencer researches your space, they continually rediscover your messaging–reinforced by being corralled back to sites you directly control, or comments by your enthusiastic customers and supporters.

And that’s just a tiny piece of the big picture. Of course, there’s the larger SEO system from which HitTail was extracted, which we’ve come to calling the Connors ABCs. We’ve used it to help some of the largest hotel chains compete with the masses of hyper-competitive affiliate marketers that flood their space. We also help major magazine publishers get back the publishing edge that they’ve been losing to SEO-obsessed competitors, and the sum-total of bloggers who write about similar topics. Old paper publishers need the tech-savvy SEO edge that we deliver.

And we’re looking to get into a few more industries. Plenty of non-competes’ exist right now, so if you plan on talking with us, do it soon.

And yes, we do this technology development as a PR firm–one that has relationships with the most influential tech writers on the planet. Rarely do you find a “who-you-know” agency that has brought its “what-you-know” internal capabilities up to the same level. But that’s what you’ll find when you visit us in our New York office to discuss your plans. We hope to hear from you soon.

UPDATE: Connors has evolved from traditional PR to high end search engine marketing. Click here to learn more about our transition –

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