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How To, Marketing Aug 20, 2007

Mike LevinSo, drinking our own cool-aid turns out to be quite tasty.

I blogged the other day about taking the HitTail writing suggestion of “NY SEO”. Sounds reasonable. We provide SEO services in New York City, and never put those words specifically together, but someone found us on it regardless. Finding us on that term, buried tons of pages in (yes, those SEO’s are competitive), they tipped their hand to us that we COULD be found on that term, so I put it in our “To Do” list–sort of like an editorial calendar for competitive webmasters and bloggers.

Look where we are now:

Within 2 days, we were on the fourth page of Google results–nice but not spectacular. Today, we’re on the first page (5 days). This is sometimes known as the “Google Honeymoon”, and many SEO clients are disappointed within a few weeks of getting such spectacular results so quickly. And yes, dealing with the Google Honeymoon is a serious HitTailing issue. Don’t misrepresent your capabilities to your client. It could backfire.

Instead, keep yourself from getting over-exuberant, but know that you can produce reliable short-term organic search success. Go ahead and impress your clients or boss with these short-term results, but qualify it. Tell them about the Google Honeymoon, but also tell them that these results can “set in” and become a permanent qualified traffic-generator with the right love and nurturing–ANOTHER reason HitTail isn’t obsoleting traditional SEO, though on the surface, it sometimes looks that way. You still need to know how to make your body of HitTailing content take root. But merely keeping the content creation up over time, and always have a “Honeymoon” going on somewhere in your site keeps Google constant stimulated. Perhaps all results benefit? Hmmmmmm.

So at any rate, HitTail is a spankin’ awesome way to hit the ground running with SEO and demonstrate to your clients the wonders to come if they stick with you for the long haul.

In taking our own advice a year after we’ve built up our critical mass of content (we’re at about 450 optimized pages just over a year after website launch). We have a superior product and a message that we’re proud of, making HitTail itself perhaps the best method of marketing HitTail. People are noticing this, picking up our message, and repeating it throughout the Internet.

We can now demonstrate the efficacy of our own product (drink our own cool-aid), using our own product in posts like this. If we keep that up, we’re going to fill a very large space in the online marketing circles within one more year. I mean think about it, us getting top position on everything we write about with reliability that only HitTail can provide.

Was the example an anomaly?

Well, I went on a HitTailing binge there for a few posts. How reliable was it?

On another term I did August 15, Blog Marketing, HitTailing didn’t seem to do a blessed thing. I went over 30 pages into the results, looking for my page to no avail. Makes me wonder how the suggestion got issued in the first place. But with 320 million competing pages and Seth Godin’s own blog being 7 pages in, I think I ran up against the big head of the long tail of search. There are a lot of Marketers using blogs to… well, market. And their favorite topics of discussion? Marketing and blogging! So it stands to reason, I bit off more than I could chew by taking this suggestion. Perhaps we’ll sharpen our filters to eliminate writing suggestions that “can’t be easily conquered”. We had the same issue on terms like Britney Spears.

But how about other terms?

Well, we did “Public Relations VS. Advertising” for which we’re on the first page of results (without quotes, of course!).

I also did another 4-word term, “top pr firm in nyc”, which one would think would be too long-tail to be worth it. Well, not only do we now get a regular flow of traffic on this (for which we should), but we’re in THE #1 POSITION in Google in under a week.

Rinse and repeat.

Think how effective HitTailing can be when sustained over time. Yep, we’ve truly got an alternative to AdWords when you’re discussing ways to acquire more qualified customers and audience to your website.

OK, how about the very latest? “Boutique PR Firm”, which I just did on Saturday wasn’t picked up yet. So, there are limits. We encountered TWO just in writing this post:

1. Some terms are still just too competitive, EVEN IF HitTail recommends that you write about them. While we COULD filter out these suggestions based on the difficulty you might encounter in pursuing them, they are by far the minority (we find), and leave them, because although you may not grab a top-spot instantly, it will still fortify your overall site, and stimulate subsequent serendipitous hits, albeit by the most determined searchers.

2. HitTail takes time. While you sometimes see HitTailing work its magic in only 2 days, don’t bank on it. And even if your results DO get a top spot quickly, expect significant movement in that position over the following days or weeks. And HitTailing may not be enough to fortify those top positions. Think about making your content so link-worthy that you get those external links genuinely, without link-trading solicitation during the Google Honeymoon.

So in choosing the topic for today? I just took another HitTail suggestion of course. But I wrote the entire article first! Then, I went back to look for the best headline suggestion that matches the article. And even them, I did a quick bit of research to make sure the traffic was worth it, and that it didn’t look unachievable.

Happy HitTailing! I’ll try to put more concrete posts like this out there to counteract the marketing push I’ve been doing lately.

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    Hello Mike,
    Doesn’t HitTail also report visits that are the result of a pay per click ad? If so, it seems that the data we see on HitTail is a little skewed. Any advice on how to make the best of it?

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