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Marketing Aug 25, 2007

Mike LevinWhen HitTail tells you to write about something that’s particularly in your sweet spot, it is wise to listen (for a full-update, read to the bottom). Otherwise, you are leaving traffic on the table—traffic that is likely to go to your competitors. But you can pick up this traffic with minimal effort, like picking up money off the ground.

In this case, it is “NYC Public Relations Firms”. The suggestion came in on August 3rd. In reproducing the search hit, I see us on page 6 of results, but a page I hadn’t even created until August 17th was in that spot. I think this is a matter of Google “swapping out” an even newer, more relevant page for one that USED TO be listed. I’ll probably post on that as a separate topic later.

This PR firm example is a perfect case of spiraling out to ever-expansive, all equally valid ways of talking about a particular industry or market. In this case, it’s the branch of marketing, known as public relations. And in particular, it’s for the type of PR firms that have top-notch reputations—ones based in New York City.

Now, I hate to play into the stereotype in which Hollywood casts our industry, and Connors Communications is certainly not like Samantha Jones’ PR firm from Sex and The City, which was mostly about celebrity parties, and “the scene” (though we do make the scene from time to time). But rather, we’re a high tech PR agency, specializing in getting out the word on new technology, on companies usually going through their second or third round of fund-raising, and at the point where they have to get the word out.

We’ve got a pretty impressive track record from both ages past (, Priceline), and recently. We’re experienced in a wide range of specialties, and we’re able to adapt to radically different, or “contrary-to-common-wisdom” messages, such as when we helped break the “church and state” issue in the pay-per-click (PPC) marketing arena, or helped Vonage make VOIP a consumer product play.

In the past, this meant a lot of phone-calls to trusted opinion-makers and influencers. Now, while it certainly still means that, and we have our Golden Rolodex (a.k.a. iPhone), we increasingly attack publicity on the populist front, known as Google (and eventually, the other search engines as well). This is a big part of what makes a tiny boutique PR agency such as Connors a large player, especially while other agencies of similar size get gobbled up by the large marketing conglomerates, sporting “traditional” PR-thinking.

This ability to have the critical insights and ACT ON THEM successfully sets us apart.

So when we had the critical insight that your EXISTING search engine traffic was one of your best sources of competitive intelligence, we jumped right on it, and become our own Web 2.0 company.

Don’t you want your next PR firm to have that sort of technological capability, outside the box thinking, and ability to plan and execute strategies?

Imagine the sort of creativity we’ve put into creating this new fundamental online marketing tool brought to bear on your company’s brand, products, services, or objectives. Contact Connors Communications today.

[Update: August 27, 2007]
This morning, I came in and searched on this term, on the long shot that it was picked up from Saturday (at 4:00PM) to today (Monday at 10:30AM). And guess what? We’re on page 1. Sure, this is the Google Honeymoon, but if you KEEP Google stimulated with HitTailing, something ELSE you do this week (or soon) will fortify this listing, and reduce the chances of the Honeymoon being over too soon. Notice, we went from page 6 in Google to page 1 in Google in less than 2 days. Someday, some blogger will get the connection I keep drawing to the quarter pusher / quarter slider machines around skeeball amusement parks and arcades.

UPDATE: Connors has evolved from traditional PR to high end search engine marketing. Click here to learn more about our transition –

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    Hey ! Nice site, nice tool (Im trying HitTail) Wanna ask: can you get deep into this “I think this is a matter of Google “swapping out” an even newer, more relevant page for one that USED TO be listed. I’ll probably post on that as a separate topic later.”?


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    Thanks, very nice article!

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    Mike Levin

    Thanks. Sure. Once Google “sort of” associates you with a given keyword, but you’re not really doing that well, it’s easier to add new content that more particularly targets this term. Once the new content is found and included in the search results, it usually replaces the first page AND ranks better on the term. Iterative quality management!

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    wow gold

    Fallows has an interesting column in the the NY Times about the power of that other low-cost P2P distribution network, the US Mail.
    i agree!

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    PR NY

    Interesting article – the same thing just happened to us on the SERPs

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