Does HitTail Work Every Time?

Long Tail Keyword Tool Aug 30, 2007

Mike LevinHitTailing to get more website traffic is a hit-or-miss proposition sometimes. This blog post is to discuss a miss.

Not everything you do in real life can be an automatic success. Sometimes, it takes a few tries. HitTail is analogous to entrepreneurial success in real-life. You will have your successes, and you will have your failures. But on the whole, your successes should outweigh your failures, because you learn from the past, do more of what worked for you, less of what didn’t, and play to your strengths.

You selectively concentrate your successes, and make your failures work for you the best you can.

Case-in-point, we hit a home-run with the concept of “Top PR firms in NYC“. We get tons of hits every day on this concept. There are apparently a lot of people interested in seeking out the best folks in one of the best branches of marketing in one of the best cities in the world. Go figure. And no one “owned” this 5-word long tail phrase, where significant amounts of highly qualified traffic exists, but it flies beneath the radar of keyword inventory tools, such as those built into AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

But conversely, I HitTailed the concept “blog marketing“, and we didn’t show up until 23 pages in!

The likes of people who kept us buried on that terms is just about every marketer on the planet who advocates the use of blogs for marketing. In other words, I stepped into a competitive term! Though it’s not as competitive as “second mortgage”. Still.

Even with a mildly competitive term, HitTailing is still worth it. The fact remains that we deliberately penetrate the search engine results, no matter how buried (it could be worse than 23 pages). And the article is being added to a long-page-version of our content (magically generated by blogging software), letting the term “blog marketing” combine itself at random with other related topics that I have blogged about during the course of August, 2007. I could be getting issued suggestions on “corporate blog marketing” or “blog marketing consultants” or some such.

So even though viewed on its own, it was a failed HitTail attempt, I am still optimistic that on the whole, it will lead to future successes.

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    I guess that’s why it’s recommended to link to older posts in blog marketing.

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