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Marketing Aug 30, 2007

Mike LevinWe like to be as non-traditional in our paid-marketing campaigns as we are in developing free alternative marketing products. That’s why, when the time came to buy ads, we chose John Battlle’s Federated Media, whose ad network includes some of the world’s biggest online influencers.

And guess what?

Some of the most powerful sites around the Internet will be running our widget!

Yep, you’ll be able to sit there and watch the traffic of some awesome sites, the way you watch your own.

When the time came for us to advertise, instead of merely creating yet another flash banner like most other advertisers, we decided to show the live HitTail user interface right in the ad. In other words, some of the most popular sites on the Internet will be showing their search engine traffic, using HitTail.

Already, you can go to these sites, view source, and see HitTail running. Soon, you’ll be able to view and reproduce their hits, just like you do when you log into your own account.

I think it will be a nice wakeup call for those who haven’t heard of HitTail yet. I can’t say who these sites are yet, but many of you will see the widget appearing on their sites as part of their advertisements. Yep, our widget will be delivered as part of an ad unit, fitting the IAB’s standard Web advertising formats.

Sorry to those of you who have been keeping it your own marketing secret. But, the cat’s about to come out of the bag.

Some of the participating sites turn out to be incredibly addictive to watch. As if you already didn’t know, you’re about to find out who is Mr. Presentations on the Web (care to guess in comments?), and how everyone is interested in knowing how to download YouTube. Google Zeitgeist won’t show you that! I’m hoping we trigger off a similar addictive and voyeuristic phenomenon as occured in years past with all those keyword spy tools that many of the primary search engines used to provide, but which unfortunately only now comes from some of the alternative engines.

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    Sounds interesting, do you think many sites will want users to see where their search terms come from?

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