Harbinger of a Marketing Revolution: The HitTailing Flowchart

Marketing Sep 24, 2007

Mike LevinOne of the first sites to catch onto how important our SEO flowchart is, is Indonesian. I’m certainly glad I’m reaching Indonesia, but I am somewhat disappointed that no English-speaking websites have picked up on this yet. I think this chart will trigger off the HitTail marketing revolution because of how it brings down lofty longtail concepts to a route procedure,

I’ve been linking to the most-critical diagram from just about every page of the HitTail site, trying to get folks to understand the essence of what HitTailing is. I apparently haven’t been doing such a great job, and would be appreciative of any ideas on how me might get the message out more. We’re getting an affiliate program together that will be based around high-volume sites, so anyone willing to partake, please contact me. Anyone with low-volume sites who would like to eventually participate, just follow out the procedure on the diagram, and contact us when you’ve built up your traffic!

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