The Future of Marketing, Ushered in by Connors Communications

Marketing Sep 24, 2007

Mike LevinFor years, Connors Communications has been recognized as leaders in the field of public relations. Whenever a client required the public to make a major shift in conventional thinking, Connors was there.

Before the Worldwide Web, when online was first coming onto the scene, and companies like Prodigy had to get the word out (and ironically, had to actually BE a prodigy), Connors was there, helping them become a player beside CompuServe and AOL.

When established brands like Disney and National Geographic had to make their transition to the dot-com world, Connors was there, helping with brand identity issues, like NG’s yellow square, and carrying some of the first search engine optimization work ever performed for large businesses.

When the first attempts to seriously monetize search were being made by pioneers, (long before becoming part of Yahoo!), Connors was there, helping to break the church-and-state issues of pay-per-click.

When everyone either never heard of VOIP, or thought it was going to be exclusively a business service, Connors was there, helping Vonage turn it into a consumer brand and a household concept.

When was competing to become one of the first successful online businesses, before anyone thought selling over the Internet was even viable on a large scale, Connors was there-helping to pioneer long tail business before anyone even heard of the concept.

When decided to go with the name-your-own-price model, re-introducing haggling into the American psyche, Connors was there.

In all these things, Connors helped break traditional thinking, introducing unorthodox concepts, which were later to become the norm, and part of the mainstream American thinking. This is our unique capability. This is our specialty.

Today we are using these skills in ways people are still having difficulty understanding. Our decision to create HitTail is part of packaging our new brand of marketing for the world, and to provide an introduction of Connors Communications to the world-a sort of “overture”, if you will.

So while today, we no longer consider ourselves a “public relations company” as such, I’m always arguing that it’s just a matter of semantics. Whereas breaking our story into mainstream media got tons of leverage in the past, today, it’s a matter of breaking our story into Google and Yahoo! search results in such an effective fashion, that your website keeps corralling your target audience back into your Web presence over and over, to the point that over time, there is no escape but to become familiar with you.

This is a type of branding that’s going on today, which most people don’t even recognize as branding. It’s how new websites and companies “emerge” onto the mainstream without a speck of advertising. It’s using all the principles of public relations that have proven so effective over the ages, and to bring them to bear in a much more efficient and automated fashion. It’s giving large companies back the advantage that is so easily being taken away from them by smaller, nimbler companies who have embraced the new landscape.

Yet still, it is about achieving balance, so small large companies cannot respond with such force as to shut the small companies out again. This is why Connors is offering services on the extreme high-end, circa $25K/mo., and on the extreme low-end, circa $100/year. And perhaps more than anyone else, this extreme “bracketing” of products between the two extremes, defines what Connors is becoming-the ability to innovate Web 2.0 products on-demand for our own use, and the savvy to navigate the politics of large media companies to have search engine optimization projects successfully carried out, against all odds.

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