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Long Tail Keyword Tool Sep 25, 2007

So HitTail is launching it’s very first Ad Campaign, and was lucky enough to land a spot on Ars Technica! Which is an amazing site that covers everything from Business IT to Gear and Gadgets.

HitTail is showing the world, in real time, how people are finding Ars Technica, because that’s what HitTail does; it finds the long tail keywords that will help benefit your site and in essence, drive more traffic to your page. This will not only get you more Hits, but it will also raise your rankings through out the search engine world.

Look at all the Keywords that people are using in their search and coming up with Ars Technica. “iPod Touch Hack,” “Apple OS 10.4,” “Gamestop Console.” Those are keywords that are working to help generate more traffic for Ars Technica.

So wouldn’t you like to know your own keywords? And get them to work for you? Then sign up for HitTail today, and start working the long tail.

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    That widget looks really cool. I’m a big fan of the HitTail data and check my stats quite often. Just recently I have really started to use HitTail for more than information as I utilize the suggestions for post ideas.

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    Essie Webber

    Oh my gosh, I’ve been reading Ars for years and years, then stopped for some interruption in routine, and have not gone back. It’s just so cool that I’m mulling over how HitTail looks like the best thing since sliced bread and then run into a post showing that *Ars Technica* picked it up. They would! They have had all the good stuff since, well, since overclocking was an underground geek secret…ah, good times. Now I know HitTail’s IT. 🙂

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