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Long Tail Keyword Tool Sep 25, 2007

Mike LevinHi. We’re launching a new site, staring YOU. So HitTail will be helping to directly promote its users. We will focus on all those small businesses and the feel-good stories that we keep encountering. Amongst our ranks are many interesting, innovative, and inspiring stories.

I’m making this quick video to start collecting the work-in-progress success stories of HitTailers, worldwide, and to set the tone as a highly visual and personal site. We want to cover the more inspiring stories, and while we’re at it, help you with your site, and the HitTail formula in general.

Simply click this link, and submit a few words about why you would be a good candidate. Don’t be shy. If you’ve overcome incredible obstacles to become a work at home mom (WAHM), let us know. If you’re pursuing your dreams, let us know. Whether you’re a candy store, Web 2.0 startup, affiliate, eBay’er Yahoo Store’er, consultant, real estate agent, wholesaler, or just someone making some decent money with AdSense, let us know.

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    balance transfer reminder

    Sounds interesting. Can’t wait to see which type of site does the best.

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    Great idea! Hittail is REALLY useful for both professional SEOs and mere mortals 🙂

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    Brendan G.

    Great Idea. It constantly amazes me how people get to our site; the combinations of words that leads them to our relatively new e-store. HitTail sounds like a Godsend to wrangle those nearly random search combinations and make them a more predictable and searchable phenom. Integrating HitTail into our store and blog is high on the list for this week. Here we go…

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    Noah Beal

    You already have one from me (…..saved client $50,000), but I have at least a dozen more across multiple aggressive markets that I could spend a little time pulling together for a link :oD

    Gary R. Beal

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    Great service by a company with an outstanding product.

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    Massimo DAmico

    It seems a Marvelous idea. Thank you!

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    Online Marketing Miami

    It looks great, I will try it first.

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    O Blog do Jorge Aldrovandi

    We have a little company setted in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with customers in Argentina, Uruguay e Brazil.

    For our e-marketing services (SEO & Pay-Pay-Click Advertisement), HitTail is fantastic. Really good.

    Parabens! Felicitaciones!

    Jorge Aldrovandi

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