Long Tail Keyword Tool Sep 27, 2007

Mike LevinThis post is a bold experiment. HitTailing works best with 3 to 5 word combo’s. In the case of more obscure 2-word combo’s, HitTail works pretty well too, as it did with SEO FAQ. But what about a 1-word search, with a recently made-up word, which happens to also have become competitive in a very short time-frame? Can this post start bringing in natural search traffic on a single word? How does our AdWords campaign, where we’re paying for for traffic on this term play in? Will our considerable click-through on our AdWords campaign boost the natural search page, deeming us a relevant site on that topic, as measured by a separate mechanism? Time will tell.

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    I look forward to the findings of this bold experiment.

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    Looks like a great tool looking forward to try it out.

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    I’m curious to see how this works out. I believe paying for Adwords has helped my position on keywords in the past. It will be interesting to see if it is just a hunch or if the Adwords you bid on actually increase your page rank.

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    Mike Levin

    The Google Honeymoon has begun for this blog post. A search on just the single word “adwords” will show this page on page 27 of Google search. Amazing? Yes!

    Check it out. And all the SEO’s out there reading this post, you know what to do to help me move it out of the supplemental index into the core.

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    Nebulous comment barely referencing topic, insert website. I love lamp.

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    So did it influence it, or did it perhaps get the dreaded “hand edit” by a googler who read this?

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