HitTail Live on TechCrunch

Long Tail Keyword Tool Sep 28, 2007

As part of our major HitTail promotion, TechCrunch edited by Michael Arrington, is now displaying the HitTail Live widget. TechCrunch is a prestigious blog source for all things going on in the tech word from internet product reviews to company profiles, and visitors can now see exactly what keywords are bringing people to the site.

Check out this screen shot illustrating how traffic was driven to the TechCrunch site when people searched on the popular terms “Microsoft,” “iPod,” and “iPhone.” These are competitive search terms, so it’s no small feet that TechCrunch was able to pull in that traffic.

HitTail issues suggestions for what to write about to drive more traffic to your site, which no other web analytics tool does!

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    Peter Koning

    I don’t see it on the TechCrunch blog. Just 1 posting from Nov 2006 but the widget is nowhere to be seen.

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    “No small feet”. Inspires a lot of confidence.

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