HitTail Mashup from Content Spooling Network

Long Tail Keyword Tool Oct 9, 2007

We are pleased to announce the first HitTail mashup! For all the HitTailers out there who have accumulated writing suggestions but don’t have the time to write about them, you’re in luck.

Thanks to Chris Crompton at Content Spooling Network, you now have access to ghost writers who can take action on your HitTail data by writing on the topics suggested for your site. The Content Spooling Network methodology produces quality articles that are reviewed by humans at each step in the process.

This is a great use of HitTail Plus, since you’ll need to sign up for the RSS feed required for the CSN mashup. Here is a video explanation from Chris on how it works:

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    Interesting mashup.
    Good for people that have no idea what to blog about.

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    I don’t understand, why can’t they just email me their blog posts? Why do I need a php file on my site? Is the service just copying articles?

    When I see article directories mentioned, all I can think is SPAM!

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