Value of Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keyword Tool Nov 14, 2007

The value of long tail keywords is sometimes overlooked by marketers that are just getting started with SEO. It is natural to want to go after highly sought after terms, but it is often unrealistic for new sites to rank well for those keywords. With more companies getting into SEO & SEM, the value of less popular keywords will be on the rise.

If you’re a small business or eCommerce site with a limited budget, the most profitable strategy is to go after keywords in the “long tail” which convert at a much higher rate than the generic two word combinations that may bring a lot of visitors to your site, but very few customers. Go after these competitive terms after you have demonstrated success ranking for the long tail keywords.

Not all traffic is equal

What’s better, making 2 or 3 sales from 1,000 visitors who found your website searching on the term “car insurance”, or 20 sales from 40 visitors who searched for “car insurance quote Brooklyn, New York”? The answer depends on if you are monetizing your site with advertising or if you are an eCommerce site looking for more sales online.

Visitors that come to your site, leave, and never come back are not as valuable as a few qualified visitors that make (repeat) purchases on your site

Don’t be fooled by estimates that show these long tail phrases with very low search volumes. When it comes to making money online, you need to know which types of phrases will lead to conversions and sales, not just traffic to your site.

Long tail keyword searches are conducted by people who are often ready to make a purchase

Jennifer Laycock, Editor of Search Engine Guide, has written extensively about the Search Buying Cycle.

Here are some examples of phrases that show the difference between research and intent to purchase:

Research:“High definition TVs”
Intent to purchase:“Sony Bravia 52 inch HDTV price”

Research:“luxury apartments”
Intent to purchase:“Chicago 1 bedroom luxury apartment”

Using HitTail along with blogging software is a great way to get started going after the long tail. HitTail doesn’t show you generic terms that everyone in your industry will compete for. It’s suggesting terms that you know your site has the ability to rank for if you deliberately target them. It saves you time that would have been spent on keyword research and allows you to focus that time on writing.

Don’t have the time to write about long tail topics? Try using a ghost article writing service like Content Spooling Network.

If you think it’s inefficient to go after these terms one by one, then consider an automated approach to take advantage of the long tail based on your existing content/database assets. This system will create highly targeted search-friendly pages that can be justified from an editorial standpoint. Contact Connors for more information about our enterprise SEO and strategic writing services.

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    Lisa Stewart

    What does the “overall value of today’s keywords $XXX.XX” mean? when looking at keywords in your account? How to you assign value?
    Where does this number come from and what is it supposed to mean?

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    Lisa Dunn

    CSN looks like a really neat product. They even offer a trial period. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work with my typepad blog because typepad doesn’t support PHP.

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