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Marketing Jan 25, 2008

Mike LevinSo, you wanna be a marketing guru? Well, we’re giving our HitTail users a chance to promote themselves right in the user-interface of our site. We’re putting the talking-head video into our site. I did the first one on the search hits tab. If you’d like to be on the HitTail site, just:

1. Shoot some video for YouTube where you narrate the purpose of the particular page you’re choosing. Openings include:

Homepage (the big prize!)
The “My HitTail” tab.
The Keywords tab.
The Suggestions tab.
The To Do tab.
Anywhere else on the site you see the “Coming Soon: YOU!” graphic.

If you do the Suggestions tab better than I did, you can even replace me.

You get to introduce yourself at the beginning, and state your website domain. Keep it brief.

2. Briefly describe the purpose of the page, and how you use it. Don’t go into detail.

3. Upload your video to YouTube, and forward us the URL to hittail at connors dot com.

We’ll select the winners and feature them on our site for awhile. If you’re plugging a book or something, you can throw it in when you state the domain name, but keep it brief if you want to be selected.

Great, that’s all. Looking forward to promoting you!

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