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Keywords, Marketing Feb 1, 2008

Mike LevinI’m frequently asked how to get the top keywords for your site for free, and the common wisdom is to use services like the keyword suggestion tools built into Google and Yahoo. Other people recommend services like Keyword Discovery and Wordtracker. But the truth is that the best keywords for your site are already burried in your log files in a way that’s too hard for most Webmasters to dig out. That’s where HitTail comes in. We analyze your log files, looking at factors that are consistently overlooked by other analytics packages, and zero right in on the top keywords for your site, and issue them to you as writing suggestions. Just act on them (as I’m doing now), or plug them into your PPC campaigns for instant results.

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    I’m tempted to pay for either Wordtracker or KeyWordDiscovery. They seem to both be good services and if I could afford them I suppose I would, but if you’re just an individual blogger/podcaster like myself, then those services are just too expensive.

    I agree – HitTail seems to be giving me the info I need to know what people are looking for This this helps me figure out what to write/talk about.

    I’m also using it to make small adjustments to my content to make sure that when people are looking for certain terms my site is likely to come up in the search process. Plus HitTail is far more affordable.

    Keep up the good work!

    Host of The Psych Files podcast

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    I have been using HitTail for a few weeks now and I’m happy to report that it has already helped me create one new profit center I was unaware of on my 3 year old blog. I think that other keyword tools have their place when starting from scratch. But once you’ve built your site or blog and have traffic, HitTail helps you build and maintain traffic through it’s unique suggestion tool. Thanks HitTail…

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    Peter Lee

    I just started using HitTail so I look forward to getting the best out of this. There seems to be a lot of “buzz” going on for HitTail.

    Peter Lee
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