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How To, Marketing Feb 13, 2008

Blogtrepreneur has an interesting post about the single most important attribute for a blogger. He argues that the ability to be proactive is far and away the best harbinger of success. He makes a good point. Nothing can be done without first having the motivation to try. There’s also more to it than that. Here are a few additional elements of a successful blog project.

Free Time
A proactive person may have that “get it done” attitude, but if there aren’t enough hours in a day then not much is going to be accomplished. This is especially true of small business owners, who could benefit greatly from blogging yet have their hands full.

Everyone can probably name a dozen blog entries you can’t wait to write when a new blog project starts. But a few amazing posts doesn’t equal a popular blog. You have to keep writing and a creative person can continue to come up with lots of great blog ideas.

Know How
This is touched upon in the Blogtrepreneur post, noting that being proactive will eventually lead to knowledge. This is true. Sometimes you learn best by doing. Although, already having the abilities necessary or being able to tap someone else with insight is definitely a shortcut.

A proactive blogger will get far, but a proactive blogger with free time, creativity, and know how will achieve success faster. Of course, you can always get help. By adding the HitTail code to your blog, you can get suggestions for new writing topics, so you’ll have something to say long after the first few posts. And if you need help with time and knowledge, here at Connors we offer full service SEO, which includes managing a blog and spreading word of the site through social media networks. It will still be necessary to be proactive, but at least you won’t have to do it all on your own.

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    Marian Bennett

    I certainly don’t have “free time”, but I make time for the areas of my business that I think are a priority. One can be a very busy person, or in my industry, real estate professional, and still be a successful blogger if the motivation, creativity and inquisitive nature are there – along with fair to good writing skills. I just installed the code to try HitTail.

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